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Thu, Aug. 8th, 2013, 07:28 pm
Redneck or what?

As I sit here right now I have 6 PBR's in me. I finished up work a short while ago and went to take a shower.. standing there.. naked.. in the bathroom I saw a ground hog across the field. I have killed 10 ground hogs so far this year.. 11 has been tricky.

I decided fuck it. Ain't no one out here to see me anyway. Got my .22 and the PBR I was halfway through and shot that g-hog from the front door. And he is dead. Yes.. this naked redneck can hit a ground hog at 30 yards easy.

A pox upon your species! I shall destroy all of you!! ALL OF YOU!!!!!

Wed, Jul. 31st, 2013, 05:06 pm
blasphemy.. it's fun for the whole family.

And on the three hundred and seventy seventh day The Man said "Let there be floor!"
and he waved his holy flooring nailer to make it so.

and the floor was good and strong and oak which The Man liked.

and then he said "Let there be beer!" and a Yuengling appeared in his hands and it was good and brought him joy.


I'm a way better God than the other dude right?

Tue, Jun. 11th, 2013, 02:29 pm
I believe they call it an "Epiphany".

I just realized how much I like my life and how much I enjoy being me.

And how lucky I am for both of those facts.

My existence is a strange brew of luck and coincidence. Statistically speaking I probably shouldn't exist. What are the chances?

But here I am.

This epiphany was fueled by "Less Than Jake" a ska-core band from Paramus NJ. I have met them many times and seen their shows many times. I am sitting here 4 hours west of there and I just had a talk with my neighbor.. who was interested in the strange noise blaring out of my stereo.

He, like myself, likes punk rock and ska.. but he had never heard of Less than Jake. He asked me how I had found them and I said "Uh.. I think a basement party somewhere. I was really drunk though."

Ok. Work left to do today. My ska-core will blare on.

Sun, Apr. 28th, 2013, 09:57 am
Back in Jerzey for the week.. taking a rest and teaching the youth good habits.

18 months. 36" tall. Stole a beer when no one was looking.

Definitely not adopted.

Fri, Apr. 5th, 2013, 07:16 pm
Pabst Blue Ribbon and time. It moves.

Tonight I am watching TV on the laptop out in the building. The RV is no longer necessary, it is spring now and the temps are reasonable.

I'll be bitching about the heat soon enough.

My sheetrock goes up every day. The project is closing down. I have a month or so.. give or take.

Which is to say .. I made it.

Nature did not beat me. The weather did not beat me. Building a house by my damned self did not beat me.

I have come to like this hill I live on. I am well known up here now and all the boys up and down the road stop to drink beer and say hello when they come home from work. They make a lot of jokes about how shocked they are that the Jerzey Boy turned out to be a tough as nails mountain man.

They make the jokes often enough that there is respect in them.

Fair enough.

My 30 pack of PBR is only half done. Tomorrow is another day,. It moves along.

Thu, Mar. 7th, 2013, 06:15 pm
Ok so the kitchen.. uh.. not so planned.

My wife works at a cabinetry shop. She is the Office Manager. She's the only girl in a shop full of guys like me and they are all very pleasant good people. I worked there myself for a few months when things were slow.

They are the best finish carpenters I have ever seen. I will never have those skills.. not unless I go become a shop guy for a few decades.

I was a good installer ; ) Out in the field in NYC is where I feel at home.

The shop will be closing soon. They, like many in my business, don't have enough work to keep things going. This is ok for us.. Ret was coming out here anyway as soon as I finish the house and it would be a 3.5 hour commute.

This means we no longer have to conceal our plans from the owner. He knows we are out west now. The guys want to build me a kitchen. I just received CAD drawings of my kitchen to be. It's wonderful.

The last thing Ret said to me on the phone a few minutes ago was.. "Uh.. so how the hell did we wind up with a custom kitchen? A fucking MAHOGANY custom kitchen no less.."

I said "Luck babe. It's probably all I get but it'll do."

Mon, Mar. 4th, 2013, 10:06 am
Start of the season.

It's spring. The motorcyclists know why I care.

45 and reasonable for a certain type of crazy here in NJ today. I have a friend who ..... liberates trade ins that are not cruisers from his Harley dealership. He gets excellent prices for them.

Apparently if you bought a CBR1000 and all your friends at the office think HD's are where it's at you may very well take 800$ in cash on a trade in to get your "hog".

I have put this man to work.

I will be back out at the new house in a day or so. Back in Jerzey today retreating from the cold weather for a bit. Next week is in the mid 40's and low 50's straight through. Perfect.

Perfect enough anyway.

I have a new to me laptop. A friend of my wifes needed some software installed on her new Mac. She asked me if I knew where to get it... uh.. yeah, I kind of do. As thanks she asked me if I wanted her old MacBook. It's the model that came out a few years after my iBook, the last machine I purchased new.

It feels strangely comfortable and normal to me. It also fits into my old Acme bag.


Which slips nicely into my Filson.


We later had a long talk about how it was strange that the big construction worker had nicer bags than all the girls in the house.

I am comfortable with this.

As far as the house goes..

The kitchen is planned. This matters. It's an annoyingly complicated issue and we are done. I am finishing up wiring and hanging rock now. Easy stuff. Normal to me.

The weather will cooperate from here on out.

Mon, Jan. 28th, 2013, 05:02 pm
Alfred Prufrock I'll never be.. but I know it by heart and it surprises me sometimes.

The more things change the less familiar they are.

I am in NJ. I went to my old book store today to buy a reference book for electrical code.

I wandered up to the Science Fiction section because..

This is my book store. I always go to the same place. I've never even been in the reference section until today.

I walked up to the "G" section, because I always do, and I looked.

"Spook Country" and "Zero History". I have read neither. The last of Gibsons books I read was "All Tomorrows Parties."

Some of you will understand how strange that felt to me.

I bought my electrical book and a cup of coffee. I put the two novels down. The unemployed moto-casualties of Pennsylvania have bills to pay, wiring to buy and work to do.

I received an email from Mr. Gibson many years ago. Sterling as well. I do not know why they replied to me.. craziness and who knows what?

Sorry to have wandered off gentlemen. I don't know why you make me think of Prufrock.. except I may very well be a pair of ragged claws.

I'm ok with this though. It may be why I got those letters. Many thanks.

Sat, Jan. 26th, 2013, 02:01 pm
Nostalgia. Winter. Other things.

I came back to NJ about a week ago. It got too cold out in PA this week even for the Vikings amongst us. I might be tough but I can't work in 10 degrees F.

The weather is supposed to warm up on Tuesday. Back to 40-50 in the daytime and 30-ish at night. Warm spring weather.


I dislike losing the week. I remind myself it does not matter. I still dislike it.

I had a dream recently. I had broken a leg and I was a few feet from my crashed bike. A mile or so out from the road in New Mexico, riding the desert.

I was laying there trying to figure out what to do and my father walked up on me. He was younger than he was when he died, probably about the same age I am now.

He said "Get up big man." and I did. It hurt but I did.

Then he said "Now walk."

I said "I can't walk a mile on a broken leg."

He said "You don't have to walk a mile. Walk 10 feet. Crawl it if you have too. The 10 feet after that isn't a problem yet."

I already knew that but the reminder comes in handy.

Sun, Jan. 13th, 2013, 06:02 pm
Every day it goes forward. There is nothing else.

I don't know when I learned this lesson. I do not recall who taught it to me.

Every day it goes forward. Every day we get closer.

There is nothing else.

It may be why I stayed in this business.. even though I probably had a few options. It's easier to see the progress when it's tangible.

Today was that big Pella in the middle of the picture. It's done. I have no more windows to install, no more openings to fill.

The rest is easy.

That part about the "Every day" thing.. I may have made it up myself. I do not know.

Truth either way.

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