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Sun, Aug. 3rd, 2014, 05:26 pm

I spoke with the MSF on Friday. They want me to come in for an interview and "riding assesment" on the 10th.

I told them I'd be there.

I have to go to Harrisburg and talk to some guys.. assuming they like me then I need to take the riding assesment.

I told them I thought that part would be fun ; )

So.. luck.. where does that come into it?

My CBR is gone. I sold it last year. My Goldwing is at a friends in NJ. Running well he tells me.. but unplated and uninsured. The KTM is outside on the lawn.. just fired her up last night.. she still needs a footpeg and the throttle tube is damaged but she runs. Also unplated and uninsured.

Next monday I have to ride something to Harrisburg.

It'll be fine, How I don't know.. but it will be fine.

I should have gotten a bike on the road last year. I should have gotten my jacket sent out to Motoport and had it fixed. I should have done all these things.. but I just built the house instead and the rest will just have to sort itself out.

I have my boots, helmet, I have a pair of my favorite gloves.. I have an old mesh jacket that fits just fine and anyone who isn't a gear snob that turns their nose up at cordura would be happy with. I've got my leather too.. forgot about that one.

So just a bike. In ten days. I am lucky and I have good friends. I know I'll have a bike by then. One will just show up. I sent out an email. The luck part is me mostly hoping someone has a nice dualie in the garage. I don't want to pry my big ass onto some CBR600.

Oh, and apparently I'm a junkie. Yeah, I'll be a Rider Coach. Fuck it.

Everyone dies. Not everyone bothers to live.