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Thu, May. 15th, 2014, 05:00 pm
Bridge generation..

I took today off. This means I spent most of my day watching pirated television shows (Person of Interest rocks you dumb asses!) and goofing off on the internet.

For me "goofing off on the internet" has always involved a bit more .... well I honestly don't know what. I spent my day reading up on the FCC's debacle and the attempt to consolidate the internet under the control of a few different American companies. It pisses me off.. but ..

For whatever reason giving up does not come easily to me. Just born a pain in the ass I guess. I have called my State Senators and Congressmen. I have called my local newspaper (to explain to them what the "Internet" is apparently..) I signed any petition I could and did everything I could think of. It will all be for naught I am sure..

The net neutrality people my age and older have always taken for granted will likely be destroyed in the next year. They will dress it up in pretty terms.. they will tell us it's to protect our freedoms! Just like the Patriotic Act!

The part that amazes me is that kids, let's define "kids" as anyone under 30, don't seem to believe there is anything they can do to stop this. Ever. I was reading the comments on an article on Reddit and one commenter asked "If the FCC pushes this through what can we do to stop them?"

I told him we could collectively hurt these ISP's at will. We could stop calling the FCC and begin calling our internet providers. If enough of us cancelled our service due to a threat to real net neutrality they would begin to see who has the power here.

They seem to believe it cannot be done. They tell me there are many things that cannot be done without the internet. When I ask why.. I get confused responses and vague references to banking and ... looking up phone numbers. I tell them "Go get a phone book. They keep them at the post office. They are free" and I find links to the various banking services who will allow you to deal with them on the phone instead of the net and ..

They still insist it's not possible to live for a few months without an internet connection. I tell them "You need to deprive these companies of your money if you wish them to listen. Go to Starbucks. go to McDonalds. Use the free wifi. Go to your local public library. Whatever.. just keep your money out of their hands. We are in charge here."

And they tell me that without the net they will lose their jobs. They will fail out of college. They will not be able to do anything.

So basically we're fucked. Heads up Bridge Generation.. We watched them make it..

We will watch it destroyed. It's been a hell of a show!

How it made the kids so fucking weak I'll never know.